The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated India and closed the Childcare Institutions we serve. Confined in punishing conditions, many children are showing increased signs of distress. Our team has pivoted to online counseling for those in most acute need, and we are working to transition our entire counseling/training curriculum online to help more kids in crisis - in India and beyond.
Rescuing children from physical, sexual and emotional violence is only the first step on the path to restoration.

Help us to transform lives by delivering life changing mental health care to traumatised youth.

For a child rescued from abuse, lasting freedom begins with loosening the mental chains that keep her in bondage. Tragically, the mental health infrastructure in the developing world is vastly under-resourced, and few abuse victims ever receive the informed care needed to process the traumatic experiences they have endured.  They often remain burdened with guilt, shame, pain and anger. 

EmancipAction is working with some of the best minds in mental health and technology to develop, test and implement an holistic approach to care that transforms outcomes for young victims of severe trauma. We are investing in research and new technologies to establish an evidence-based, affordable and rapidly scalable mental health intervention designed specifically to address the unique needs of these young victims of abuse.  With informed and empathetic care, these extraordinary young people are empowered to renew their minds and transform their lives.

We Train Community Members to Provide Needed Mental Health Care

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Award Winning Partnerships Make Each Dollar Go Farther

EmancipAction/UST partnership yields MicroSoft's Award for "Most Innovative AI Application for Societal Impact".

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IBM/EmancipAction partnership receives Volunteer Excellence Award for AI app designed to help identify high potential candidates to train as Mental Health Workers".

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