sex slaves in the world

of them are in INDIA

are re-trafficked after rescue

Because their minds remain in bondage
We are working to set their minds — and hearts — free.

An essential first step to lasting freedom for a child rescued from commercial sexual exploitation is to loosen the mental chains that keep her enslaved. But trained mental health and trauma care resources are exceedingly rare and tremendously expensive and represent the number one gap facing those working to combat and disrupt this horrific industry.

EmancipAction is working to develop the first evidence-based, scalable approach to psycho-social care for children rescued from sex trafficking. Effective trauma care will both dramatically reduce re-trafficking rates and also serve to disrupt the world's second most profitable business with increased convictions for traffickers.

Join us in the fight!



We are working to establish an evidence-based, effective and scalable approach to mental health and trauma care, leveraging the latest technology and a ground-breaking partnership with Columbia University.


We are training caregivers and frontline staff to provide culturally relevant, proven mental health interventions. This effective, scalable approach enables 80% of rescued victims to heal and transform their lives.


Shockingly, 80-90% of traffickers who are prosecuted in India are ultimately acquitted. Given proper care, victims provide better testimonies, convictions rise, and this "risk free" business becomes less lucrative.

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