As COVID-19 disrupts the lives of many, EmancipAction remains committed to caring for children in trauma. We are currently limited to holding one-to-one counselling sessions: our group sessions and research have been suspended until we can safely resume.
sex slaves in the world

of them are in INDIA

are re-trafficked after rescue

Because their minds remain in bondage
We are working to set their minds — and hearts — free.

An essential first step to lasting freedom for a child rescued from commercial sexual exploitation and extreme gender violence is to loosen the mental chains that keep her enslaved. Unfortunately, trained mental health and trauma care resources are under-resourced and difficult to access. The mental health infrastructure in the developing world is wholly inadequate. There are only 3 psychiatrists and less than 1 psychologist for every million people in India.

EmancipAction is working with the best minds in mental health and technology to develop a holistic approach to care that transforms outcomes for child victims of sex trafficking and extreme sexual violence in institutional care. We are investing in needed research and new technologies to establish the first evidence-based, affordable and rapidly scalable mental health intervention designed specifically for this vulnerable population.

Join us in the fight!



We are working to establish an evidence-based, effective and scalable approach to mental health and trauma care, working with the world’s best minds, leveraging the latest technology, and ground-breaking partnerships to bring the best care to the most marginalized children.


We are training lay counselors and frontline staff to provide culturally relevant, trauma-informed and lasting mental health care. With appropriate psycho-social interventions, children can begin to see hope and the possibility of a different, radically-improved future.


We are working within government and private care homes to test a holistic, trauma-informed model of care to help children transform their lives. With our coordinating partners, we are offering core modules that include wellness, healthy lifestyle mentoring, skills training, vocational support.

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