Diverse, Global Experience Meets Local Expertise

EmancipAction works to bring socio-emotional healing and hope to vulnerable children in desperate situations. We develop and deliver life changing mental health interventions to children who have been abandoned, orphaned, abused or otherwise traumatized. We are working to end a cycle of abuse and gender violence by bringing together the best academic, corporate and government partners to renew minds and transform lives. We have been supporting children in crisis in India since 2012.

The leadership team of EmancipAction is comprised of diverse individuals with a wide range of global experience, from the clinical setting to the board room. But it is this eclectic mix, combined with our passion, that sets us apart from most non-profit organizations. Our technology and business experience drives our efficiency and operational standards. Our in-the-trenches, real world clinical and research work fuels our practicality, measurement guidelines and innovative thinking. And our combined zeal for holistically releasing children from the bondage of slavery - body, mind and soul - to a place of wellness and peace, drives us with daily urgency to make an impact.

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